What we do

We design and manufacture “Made in Italy” high quality LED lighting devices, built to last and to perform among the best of its classes.

We are mainly focused on outdoor architectural, decoration, functional indoor, outdoor and architainment, but our fl exibility allows us to provide LED lighting devices for any other of its applications.

We are strongly committed to be a true Partner on projects and not a simple supplier. Our team supports everyone that has to deal with this innovative technology: from designers and architects to installers and end users, we constantly help our customers to optimize design, accelerate project development, planning, facilitate troubleshooting, advice solutions.

“Planning, integrating, installing and operating LED lighting installations is now smoother than ever” said one of our clients: we are proud to provide active support all over the world, directly from our main offi ce or from our local branches.

Devices can be chosen from our catalog either as they are or equipped with special features.
Thanks to the fl exibility of our structure, we can even design from scratch new products and features, regardless the quantity – from tens to thousands.


Diamante Lighting is ISO 9001 certified, meaning that all our processes – from design to marketing – are implemented with a focus on quality and supported by a company integrated management system developed internally to fit our needs. This enables quality procedures and controls with minimal overhead, performing a quality management without slowing or interfering with all our activities.
Diamante Lighting also contributes to LEED credits, supplying needed documents to enable constructors and designers to certify sustainability and energy assessment of buildings that employ our devices.

Committed To Quality

At Diamante Lighting we want to honor the trust of our customer by caring about the manufacture of every product, even in the smallest detail. All components are chosen among the best ones and all machining, assembly and testing is performed in our Italian factory. We are focused on customization and fast delivery: we have established strong relationships with key suppliers in order to be fast, reliable and flawless.


We are an Italian team of passionate and knowledgeable people, constantly up to date on LED’s technology. Having worked with this very new, fascinating and innovative technology since its beginning in year 2000, we have gathered a huge experience in product design, construction and troubleshooting. We are also expert in project management, having managed milestone projects in the architectural lighting worldwide.



At Diamante Lighting, research is the cornerstone of our technical activity: in the last decade, lighting industry has been ….


Our commitment is to provide attractive, reliable, user – friendly products, where the light is the key element. For this reason…


Our manufacturing department allows us to be costeffective and precise on large deliveries of standard products, but…

Customer service

At Diamante Lighting, the cornerstone is the interaction with the customer. We can provide support for projects, from beginning to end.

  • at design stage, from product identification to lighting design;
  • at production, with product, packing and shipment tailoring according to customer needs;
  • during installation, from factory or on site, to exploit the most of our devices in the fastest and most efficient way;
  • for testing and commissioning of installation with on site visits of our application engineers;
  • over years, to keep every installation working flawlessly over time.

Our goal is to grow our reputation and the strength of our brand by having references and satisfied customers all over the world; our sales force, application engineers and customer service staff are committed to this.